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How to Grow a Fanbase on Social Media

with musicbyLukas

Grow your brand, and learn how to use it to build a following by creating viral videos with the artist, turned social media expert musicbyLukas in this LANDR Original Course. With over 8 years of social media knowledge, using his social media to grow a following, creating a music career, and starting a successful music business, Lukas offers insight into how he did it.
Portrait of teacher Tomas George

Build a Vocal House Track from Scratch

with OC and Verde

Get started with house music production by building a track from scratch with world renowned electronic music duo OC and Verde. This Fader Pro course unveils their secrets to crafting massive vocal house tracks. You'll learn to construct beats, build melodic grooves, and and finish with a dynamic mix using Logic Pro.
Portrait of teacher Riley Weller

How to Use EQ

Like a Pro

with Vincent di Pasquale

Learn the art of equalization with multi-platinum producer Vincent di Pasquale in this Fader Pro course. In this course you'll learn all about EQ types and their use in music production. With Vincent's guidance you'll gain the confidence to tackle any mix, and know which tools to use in a variety of musical situations. 
Portrait of teacher Jason Allen

The Ultimate DJ Masterclass

with Roger Sanchez

Join Roger Sanchez's DJ masterclass and unlock the secrets of a legendary producer. In this Fader Pro masterclass you'll learn all about Pioneer's DJ gear, transitions from simple mixing to dynamic live remixing and more. This packed course offers 56 tracks (3+ gigs) of premium WAV files from Stealth and Toolroom for your practice.
Portrait of teacher Jason Allen

Mixing Kick & Bass in Electronic Music

with Jason Herd

Master the art of mixing kick and bass with Jason Herd's Fader Pro course. Jason has spent close to 30 years perfecting his craft under his various aliases including Juan Kidd, Cabarza, and Herd & Kidd, In this course Jason will share his techniques for getting the best sounding kick and bass in your electronic music productions.
Portrait of teacher Riley Weller

Introduction to Melodic House & Techno

with VONDA7

In this Aulart course, VONDA7 breaks down creative strategies for inspiration, songwriting, and arrangement in techno and house music. You'll learn how to craft unique kicks, basslines, and melodies using Ableton Live, and end at a finished track.
Portrait of teacher Jason Allen

AI for Music Production


Dive into the future of AI music production in this cutting-edge Aulart course led by French music producer Skygge. You'll learn  how to generate unique compositions, convert vocals into instrumental solos, and overcome creative blocks with AI's experimental capabilities.
Portrait of teacher Jason Allen

How to Get Playlisted on Spotify

with Peggy Hogan

Discover the secrets of getting playlisted on Spotify with industry veteran Peggy Hogan. With years of experience as a working musician and indie label marketing specialist, Peggy offers unique insights into the Spotify editorial playlist process. In this LANDR Original Course, Peggy will guide you through creating a simple and achievable Spotify success strategy.
Portrait of teacher Jason Allen

How to Mix in FL Studio

with Sabelo September

Join instructor Sabelo September in his mixing course for FL Studio. This course covers everything from mixing multiple instruments into one stereo file to turning your mix into a fat, punchy, loud, and competitive master. By the end of this course, you'll have the confidence and skills to create amazing mixes with ease.
Portrait of teacher Sabelo September

Audio Engineering Fundamentals

with Marco Galvan

In this course you'll learn the principles of sound, acoustics, and equipment to ensure your recordings and sound reinforcement are top-notch. Avoid common issues like feedback and distortion while extending the life of your audio equipment. With an understanding of the basic "blocks" of any audio system, you'll know how to connect and adapt your setup to meet your specific needs. 
Portrait of teacher Marco Galvan

Music Mixing for Songwriters

with Mike Barnes

Master the art of music mixing with this course from Mike Barnes. This course starts with the basics and gradually moves into more advanced techniques like EQ, compression, reverb, delay, and automation. By the end of this course, you'll have the skills to create polished, professional-sounding tracks with confidence. 
Portrait of teacher Mike Barnes

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